Monday, May 16, 2011

Smashed tater

Not smashed, maybe just slightly maimed.

I have fallen way off on my fitness, health goals. I've only run twice in the past two weeks and my eating habits have sucked. I've even fallen off the push-up wagon- not completely, but I used to never miss a day and I definitely have lately.

My stress level has increased and for awhile, I was handling it well. I was running, doing yoga, push ups, ab work etc to work off the stress.  Then the past three weeks I have been using chocolate therapy and have just felt exhausted. Intellectually I know this is the wrong move.  My energy level increases when I increase my activity level, yada, yada.

I have been dealing with a housing situation.  I got an offer for my house in the old city BUT it was below what I owe, but it's the only bite in six, nearly seven months so I'm negotiating with the mortgage company to accept it. My real estate agent in the old city while a nice lady is not one I could recommend, I feel like I am nagging her.With that in mind and that my credit is going to suck once that goes through, I am looking at owner finance homes in the new city. Thankfully, my real estate dude here is very eager and seems to have a good handle on things even though he looks 12 (we call him Junior or Doogie).So the stress has increased and like I said, not handling it very well.

Even though I have good reasons for stress, I realize that these are just excuses. So, tonight I bought some new running shorts and a shirt, yesterday I browsed Sports Authority, and tomorrow I'll begin attempt #3 to get back on the fitness track again.  Third time's the charm, no?

Tonight's blog is brief and not terribly witty but it was an attempt to get back on the writing track.  I talked to a patient today about how I like to write and then smacked myself upside the head (mentally) when I realized there was no good reason why I wasn't doing something I enjoyed.

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  1. Hi Megan! I just discovered your blog and I gotta say "I love it!" As a fellow "tater/aspiring writer" there is so much here I relate to. My sil (annieology, I'm married to her big brother) put me onto you and I need to remember to tell her thanks! You are an encouragement to me to get out there and start moving like Annie has been trying to get me to do for years! lol Keep writing as I will be a frequent visitor to your blog!