Monday, February 28, 2011

Tater Goal

I might have a goal. That is a goal that is more specific rather than do stuff that's good for you and move your butt.

I found a run ( ) and I think I'm going to try to run it.  The run does not happen until the end of April which gives me 2 months ish to prepare. I love an excuse to go to Fredericksburg. Plus, it's a wildflower run, it'll be pretty.

I've been running since February. Running is a loose term.  Trying to run would be more accurate. I walk, I run for a count of 60-70 seconds, walk until I recover, repeat and then walk at the end.  I'm up to five minutes of running. Today, I tried to up and on one run minute I counted to 90; I won't give myself any extra credit though because the next "minute" went by very quickly.

My next step is to try to consistently run for a count of 90 seconds.  Once I do that without collapsing, I plan on upping it until I run more than I walk. Then I need to make sure I can actually go the distance (dramatic running reference). I have my steps in mind so now I have to see if I can make them.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this, but this may help kick-start what I hope will be a long lasting habit.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tater Control

Like many people, numbers ending in fives and zeros seem significant. With that in mind, I passed a new milestone.  I'm now in a lower bracket weight wise!  I know the anonymity of the internets should protect me but some people I know in real life may read this as well so I'm not posting the actual weight, but yays!

I'm apparently really into challenges now.  I signed up for another one.  In addition to the push up challenge, I started the lunge challenge which is 300 lunges every week.  I started out the gate gung ho on that one.  Apart from demonstrating a lunge or two to patients, I have not done a lunge on purpose in longer than I can remember. Monday I decided to do 50. Ouch. Not bad at all that night, but the next day I was definitely feeling the burn.  Since then I've been 10'ing and 20'ing my way to 300. I'm up to 110 (I think; in this path to self-discovery, I realize I suck at counting) and I may not make it this week, but I will next week for sure.  The push-ups get done for sure. It may be 1158, but they get done.  55 today (22 down; 33 to go).

I took a leap of faith in September and took a job in Houston about 4 hours away from my hometown. It was the right decision in so many ways.  I love the city. I LOVE my job. I was absolutely miserable doing home health and hated my job to the point I hated physical therapy. It had nothing to do with my bosses or the company. It was the situation- the endless driving, the sitting in parking lots calling people, the knocking on the doors of empty houses that were SUPPOSED to have homebound people in them.  The new job was a good call. In other ways, it's been rough.  I've been living in an extended stay hotel with my cats and paying the bills on my house in CC which I am trying desperately to sell. On a weekend back in CC, I woke up via a phone call from my stepmom that she thought my dad had had a stroke and was on his way to the hospital.  The next day we made the decision to donate his organs.  Getting through the holidays was rough and being in Houston alone was rough as well. More nights (and days) than I care to think of I would cry a lot, big snot tears.

In a strange way, these challenges have helped me.  I miss my dad so much and cannot do anything to change that.  My house has not sold yet and as much as it frustrates me, I cannot force someone to buy my house.  What I can do is get on my hands and knees and do push-ups. I can run/walk/crawl. I can cuss a lot while I hold a plank. I've been fat since I was a kid and it'll take a while for that to change, but this is something I can actually decide to do and control the outcome.  This morning I missed my run/walk/crawl because I hit snooze too many times; I rode the recumbant bike for 10 minutes instead.  Not nearly the same workout, but something. None of  this helps my other problems; my dad is still gone, my house is still for sale, but completing push-ups or lunges or whatever is something I am able to control whether I do or not.  

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Changing habits from when Tater was a tot

I love TV. Love. LOVE.

I hear or read about people saying how they just do not have enough time for TV. Or that there's nothing good on TV.  Have you never watched Criminal Minds or Burn Notice? They are amazing.

Admittedly, I am behind on my current TV shows.  I live in a hotel at the moment and sadly, not only am I limited to about 25 channels, but I also have no DVR. I'll catch up from time to time online or when I go back to CC where my DVR still records things like a champ.

That aside I still watch a lot of TV. I catch a few current shows and lately, I've been addicted to West Wing which I've been watching on DVD thanks to my sister who has spurred my addiction.

In addition to my love of TV I also like to read, write, and play on the Internets. Oh wait,  I also love sports (ahem, watching them that is). In other words, I love to sit on my ass.  This is where the couch tater-ness comes into play.

A true and committed addict, I am not giving up my lovely TV and other activities. I'm changing positions (that's what she said). Not all the time, but I'm trying to keep moving during part of my TV time.  Granted at the moment I'm sitting on my bed watching a movie.

However, I've been fairly successful  for the past few weeks at doing something while watching TV. I'll do my push-ups (#2011pushupchallenge) every other day. I do some yoga poses and planks. Some nights I work my muscles harder than others, but I do a little something.  Likewise, I feel stronger some days. I'm excited to be able to tell  a difference in my strength and endurance.  I can hold side planks and front planks for 60 seconds fairly easily, but still feel challenged.  My yoga poses have gotten better and more steady which may mean ::gasp:: an improvement in balance. I do what I can for strengthening, balance, and flexibility all in front of the TV.

I'm venturing outdoors as well a little more often also.  I'm also up to 6 minutes or running when I'm doing my walk/run/crawl.  Not that those 6 minutes are consecutive, but I'm recovering more quickly (i.e. less crawl time) and needing less time to rest before I start my running minute again.

As frustrating as it can be to notice minimal changes to my BMI, I did see the scale move a good 4-6lbs this last week and have noticed clothes fitting a bit looser. Also, I'm feeling muscles in my stomach; I knew they were in there somewhere! I have a long way to go, but I feel like I have at least found the path to start.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tater Rolls

I was hoping for this, but never thought it would happen. Ironically, I spend my day telling people how great it is and how much it helps.  But for me, never saw it actually

Exercise feels good. A good couch potato would never admit to such a thing, right? Yet, I left work with a slight headache (I did pop a couple Tylenol for that) and a little tense and now 1.6 miles ran/walked/crawled, my remaining sets of push-ups, a plank pose, and a few stretches and I feel better. More relaxed even. How did this happen?  Chocolate and TV and blobbing out on the couch (or bed since I'm currently couch-less) are supposed to make me feel better. This exercise thing may have its good points.

The endorphins can stay.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Go, Tater, Go!

I cannot believe I do not have "Eye of the Tiger" on my IPOD.

I've discovered something about myself this past couple of weeks.  I want inspiration, support, and positive feedback. Not phony crap, but genuine support. I only found this out because I've received it.

I consider myself supremely lucky to have found this support. Annie and Becca and their crazy #2011pushupchallenge has really kept me motivated. Even through posting my embarrassing and very much before arm picture, I felt inspired to keep going and keep pushing out the,um, push-ups. Since, I've joined the challenge if I've done nothing else physical on the odd days (#teamodd), I've done the push-ups.

I have also started posting just to track my workouts and I decided to get brave and post them. They are not brilliant postings which showcase my lightning fast speeds, but they show my attempt. I love how many people have liked these posting! Selena, Amanda, Katy, the Godfather, Aunt Jan! I appreciate the support. Missy commiserating on needing to ditch a tentative workout plan. Selena and LeRae have also been great with our mini Facebook discussions about motivation and just staying active.

Amanda encouraged me this weekend to keep up my baby steps towards my running goal and attempted to download songs for me for my IPOD (technical issues and a flurry of packing for Amanda who's moving into her house next month prevented it). My mom noticed I had lost weight before I headed back to Houston and my lovely coworkers and patients have been complimenting me! I'm not trying to be a whiny girl, but I am not used to that, but love it! The compliments have nothing to do with my weight (ranges from hair (a lot for hair actually), clothes, skin, eyes), but I feel better and more confident and I know this comes from the wonderful people I have supporting me not only in this particular way, but in life.

Tater kisses to my loves!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tater shocked by discovery of forgotten muscles!

Disclaimer: I went to regional competition for headline writing and that was all it took for me to ponder a career doing something like that. Hence, my propensity for writing dramatic headlines (see above).

I'm blaming/thanking Annie ( for at least part of this.  She sent me the invite for the #2011pushupchallenge and I decided to go for it. I'm going to be wearing a sleeveless dress in front of people in May, I sometimes have to lift people in the course of working (not as much as I used to; so not missing home PT), and I'd like to get rid of some jiggling; it made sense. I haven't been a part of a team in quite some time and must admit Annie makes an encouraging coach and Becca (, the even, and opposing, team coach is also encouraging. Our team startegy is to add a pushup for each day and the odd team takes odd days and the even team takes, well, I'm guessing most people could figure it out. I started late, but since I don't want to let my coach(es) down, I'm up to 20. The ones that started at the beginning of the year are up to 37 so I still have a ways to catch up, but not bad for under a week. I'm trying to get in the habit of doing wall pushups on my off days just to keep the arms muscles working. 

In addition, I've done 45 minute sessions of yoga/pilates two times over the past three days (we won't talk about the rest of the week). Included in those sessions, I did not only the regular, dreaded plank, but the side planks. I've been able to increase my time on the plank from 30ish seconds to about 45 seconds today (way up from my original, very fast 20 seconds). On the side plank, I have mostly just tried to hold my balance for a few seconds.  Yesterday, I held for 10 seconds on each side; today I did 20 seconds on one side and ended up with 10 on the other. My time totally surprised me.  In fact, I almost went ahead and went down to the floor even when I was still maintaining my balance. I also am doing downward facing dog, downward dog split, lunge, straight leg lunge, plie hold with and without heel raise, cat/cow, quadraped opposite arm/leg lift, and a few others, including some balance exercises. 

Yesterday, I did something I've been thinking seriously about for months. I ran! Only for two minutes, but I ran. I researched and lit on a good technique. Run for a minute, walk for 6 and then weekly, increase the run minutes and reduce the walk minutes accordingly. I did the requisite warm up walk and then ran  for a minute and the walked for a song or two (no watch presented a bit of a problem).  Then I ran for another minute decided my ankle wasn't going to handle much more on the first day and walked back.  Per the mapmyrun app on my Blackberry, I ran/walked 1.25 mi. Since the app is such a battery drainer, I have to delete it and add it each time. Not sure, I'll be anywhere near ready for Beach to Bay in May or the urban something rather  5K that involves obstacles (like running in mud), but may be ready for something in the fall if I can keep going.

The litany above is to keep me accountable, but also to refer to the title. Tater has sore muscles, arms and abs especially. I had almost forgotten what that felt like and my goal is to keep it up. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tater cannibalism and a challenge

I have designated Mondays as my meatless day. My lunch yesterday consisted of a frozen dinner of potatoes, broccoli, and cheese (Monday is merely meatless; vegan is pretty difficult even for a day for me). As I ate, I thought about the title of this blog and since the Tater in the title is referring to me, I briefly wondered about cannibalism. 

Going meatless for a day each week was a strategy to cut calories and hopefully be more healthy. Those reasons seem sound, but  good intentions do not necessarily work out that way. Lunch as mentioned above was reasonably healthy; dinner consisted of soup and veggies and dip. Breakfast did not go as well-intentioned as planned. Know what else does not have meat? Doughnuts. Shipley's delicious, delicious doughnuts.  Dinner was the downfall today as the colder weather forced me to the drive-thru at Whataburger, but alas tomorrow blooms anew.

Yesterday, I accepted a challenge. Somehow in the bloggy universe, my pal Annie (who I actually have met in
real life and is hilarious ( and her blog friend Becca decided they were going to start a push-up challenge.  January 1- one push-up, January 2- two push-ups, etc, etc. They expanded the challenge to go out among friends, readers, etc. So, I joined up.  Since Annie's team does odd days, I will start tomorrow. Technically, the team is on day 33, but since I joined late I will be doing one push-up.  If I get crazy I might push a little more to try to catch up. It seems doable and I have to wear a sleeveless dress in late May for my cousin's wedding so as long as I try not to think about the hundreds of push-ups I'll be doing in December.