Wednesday, January 26, 2011

As the Tater Turns

This blog begins my attempt to become more accountable when it comes to losing weight and getting up off the couch..or chair or bed. Confession: I am fat, obese in fact.  As discouraging as that sounds, being obese does not take a lot of extra pounds. For example, a person with an ideal weight of 120 lbs becomes obese when they gain 24 lbs. I, however, fall on the heavier side of the obese with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 36.8. Staggering isn't it?  My typed words look so much slimmer, don't they?

Sadly, this is not the fattest I have ever been.  I did the math and a few months ago, my BMI came in at 41. Yikes! Maybe, I'm hedging my bets here since I've already lost weight and now I'm starting the blog. I have a long way to go; 36.8 is nothing to brag about after all.  Normal BMI  is considered 18.5 - 24.9. I'm dealing in BMI because I do not wish to disclose my weight at this time.  When I get to within spitting distance of normal, or even better- ideal, weight, then I may reveal my weight, but not for now.

I have never had luck with a structured, rigid diet. I love chocolate and cookies and the combination of the two. As far as diet goes, my plan consists of drinking water, probably the oh so popular 64 oz a day (aka 8 glasses), increasing my vegetable and fruit intake, and going meatless once a week. I've gone meatless Monday (I adore alliteration)  for three weeks so far.  The fruit and veggie thing is going well but not ideal so far.  I usually have an orange every day because that's the fruit out in my hotel in the morning. I've also been upping my salads and getting frozen dinners with vegetables. Since I've been living in Houston, I will admit a devotion to my chips and dip. I eased back with this. First I cut back to low fat dip and baked chips (unless the flavors at SuperTarget sucked, then it was regular chips). Beginning last week, no chips! I did stock up on salad dressing and have swapped the chips for celery and bell pepper. Small victories because I do keep buying Oreos (see above). The ice cream in my freezer however is Skinny Cow.

Like I mentioned before, strict diet is not the way to go for me.  I love food and if I try to make many things off limits, I rebel and go to a buffet.  One thing I have begun to change is my activity level.  This change will be slow. I've started with yoga.  I'm naturally very bendy. Well, now I am after a few weeks at Parks and Rec gymnastics.  I kept the flexibility, but none of the balance.  I feel stronger and I'm trying new poses and mixing in some Pilates as well. My next step which will consist of many, many, many steps will be running. I will begin with walking. The last few years I've wanted to be a runner, but have not mustered up enough enthusiasm to do so. So, I'm going to try to do the getting up early tomorrow and walk, maybe throw in a few minutes (i.e. seconds) of jogging. 

With that in mind, I'm signing off to sleep in anticipation of an early morning activity. 

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