Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tater cannibalism and a challenge

I have designated Mondays as my meatless day. My lunch yesterday consisted of a frozen dinner of potatoes, broccoli, and cheese (Monday is merely meatless; vegan is pretty difficult even for a day for me). As I ate, I thought about the title of this blog and since the Tater in the title is referring to me, I briefly wondered about cannibalism. 

Going meatless for a day each week was a strategy to cut calories and hopefully be more healthy. Those reasons seem sound, but  good intentions do not necessarily work out that way. Lunch as mentioned above was reasonably healthy; dinner consisted of soup and veggies and dip. Breakfast did not go as well-intentioned as planned. Know what else does not have meat? Doughnuts. Shipley's delicious, delicious doughnuts.  Dinner was the downfall today as the colder weather forced me to the drive-thru at Whataburger, but alas tomorrow blooms anew.

Yesterday, I accepted a challenge. Somehow in the bloggy universe, my pal Annie (who I actually have met in
real life and is hilarious (www.annieology.com)) and her blog friend Becca decided they were going to start a push-up challenge.  January 1- one push-up, January 2- two push-ups, etc, etc. They expanded the challenge to go out among friends, readers, etc. So, I joined up.  Since Annie's team does odd days, I will start tomorrow. Technically, the team is on day 33, but since I joined late I will be doing one push-up.  If I get crazy I might push a little more to try to catch up. It seems doable and I have to wear a sleeveless dress in late May for my cousin's wedding so as long as I try not to think about the hundreds of push-ups I'll be doing in December. 

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