Thursday, April 7, 2011

Papas y Huevos (Potatoes and eggs)

Easter is my favorite. Not holiday, but my favorite for the candy it brings. Cadbury eggs, Reese's eggs, Starburst jelly beans, and a newly discovered favorite. Glorious, delicious sugary goodness and a few thousand calories.

I've mentioned before that I'm a brat. I get cranky and downright ugly (I'm from the south; we use phrases like that and we pull it off) when denied something I really want. With that in mind, I have bought Easter candy. My Starburst jelly beans lived in my cabinet for three weeks before I opened the bag.  Then I gleefully opened the bag of regular and the special bag of red fruit only and mixed them in a Gladware container. I will admit to days where I stop eating them because my teeth ache from the sugar, but my Gladware container is still over 80% full. I've also bought Reese's mini eggs and Butterfinger eggs. All of the candy I've bought has already lasted at least 2-3 weeks and there's still some left which is remarkable considering how quickly I used to plow through it. In general, I keep indulging, but am limiting myself to a piece or two at a time.

Until last night.

Last night, I left work with a headache. I popped three Ibuprofen as I drove down I45 and decided to stop at SuperTarget. My conditioner was nearly gone and I would need kitty litter by the weekend.  Maybe a quick side trip would also give me time for my headache to decrease and I could run as planned. I wandered aimlessly through Target. I picked up my conditioner, looked at the shoes, and checked to see if they had organic bell peppers (they do; but I held off). I decided I needed cereal as well and then thought it was absolutely necessary I check to see what flavors of Ben and Jerry's were available.  I picked up a pint of Half Baked FroYo (I am SO healthy). Then I spied an empty cart and grabbed it and picked up the kitty litter I had come in for originally.  On my way to the check out, I casually strolled through the Easter aisles. Then I saw it.

Coconut cream filled Dove eggs. In the time it took for my brain to register the words, the bag flew into my cart. I checked out and loaded the kitty litter in the back of my SUV and the other bag (with the stuff) rode shotgun. My headache still going I decided therapeutic chocolate might be the wise choice. At the stoplight I opened the bag of Dove eggs and unwrapped one. Delicious! One of the great things about where I live is location.  Supertarget is a mere two miles away. By the time I got home,  my headache was gone.  The miracle of chocolate coconutty goodness!

I got home, threw the bag of groceries on the table and changed into my running clothes.  I fired up my IPOD and started up the mapmyrun app on my Blackberry and hit the road. I felt better; the chocolate coconut eggs worked like a magic elixir.

To be honest, my runs are run/walk.  I'm a beginner; I've utilized the walk/run strategy; run for a minute or so, recover walk until you can run again, repeat. On Monday, I got my highest run time so far- 7.5 minutes. On Wednesday, after eating the Dove eggs, I ran even further- 10 minutes!

Maybe it was a coincidence. But, I think it was the power of the Dove coconut eggs.

That bag is so not lasting the week.

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