Monday, April 4, 2011


My hometown city has been number one for many things. When I was a teenager, we were number one for teen pregnancy for the entire country (and several times since; freaking Laredo tries to take our crown though). Most recently, Corpus Christi (ie my hometown city) has been named the fattest city and the city for the worst hair.  No wonder we don't have the highest teen pregnancy rate anymore.

I vaguely remember the mayor taking some offense to the fattest city title and proposed an initiative to get people moving. Health fairs, areob-a-thons, etc have popped up, but I'm not sure how the city's doing with the whole not being fat thing. Sadly, I added to the fat of the city.

In September, I moved to Houston and became a little more aware of my bad habits. But it wasn't until late January, early February that I really committed.  I've started running, I'm doing pushups (#2011pushupchallenge - join on day 100- peer pressure!), and I've started adjusting my eating habits. Everything's been working well for me. I've lost weight, my arms are not nearly as jiggly, and I'm in better shape than I've been in many years.

I have visited Corpus the past two weekends and I have to say I fell off the fitness track while I was there.  The weekend before last was jam-packed. I saw relatives I had not seen in years  (that's another sordid tale; listen to the banjos play a haunting melody softly in the background to give you a clue). For the first time, I missed my push-ups and all my intentions of running fell through with laundry, relatives, housewarming party, and talking about relatives with other relatives. Then I came home to Houston and felt uninspired. I did my push ups on Monday, but I didn't mix it up at all and I made myself go to the exercise room and get on the treadmill but after a measly half mile I was done.

I had been doing well with staying motivated and disciplined. What had happened to me?  Did I linger too long in CC? Was the fattest city a bad influence on me?  I felt sluggish and very unmotivated.  I didn't do much the next day, but then on Wednesday I got home and put on the exercise ensemble and hit the road. I  ran my usual route plus a little extra and something very odd happened.

I felt better. I had more energy and I slept better that night. I am a person dedicated to the couch. Lying down makes things better. This has happened to me in the past. I used to belong to the Y and was going two or three times a week and I noticed the increase in energy, but obligations got in the way and that habit died. Now, I feel a little more dedicated to my new changes.

I will do push-ups every other day and go for a run/walk/crawl several times a week. Part of it is for ego.  I like the way I look better and compliments are awesome. Moreover, I like the side effects. I'm stronger and have better endurance and have more energy. Also, in order to stay motivated, apparently I need to stay moving.

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