Monday, March 14, 2011

Tater in the Dressing Room

In general, I do not watch a lot of reality TV. Some of it I think is insipid; other shows sound interesting, but I already watch a lot of TV. You have to cut back where you can. I would love to write for living so I like to watch scripted shows. Every once in awhile, I get drawn in to a "real" TV show. On the Food Network, I love seeing Ace of Cakes  and my new Sunday addiction is Cupcake Wars. I know, I know. Of course, the fat girl likes shows about cake. I'm also a little addicted to HGTV, HouseHunters International particularly. My other "real" show I love is What Not to Wear. I was beyond excited when bloggy friends of mine knew a blog friend that was on the show recently.

What Not to Wear is a show I tend to gorge and starve on though. Right now I am in starvation mode because the hotel does not have TLC. One of my very infrequent complaints about my extended stay hotel is the selection of channels (no TLC, A&E, or Comedy Central, but I have Lifetime, USA, HGTV, and the Food Network).  I do remember weekends with marathons on of  WNTW  that I would have to turn the TV off in the midst of a commercial in order to do things like, ironically enough, get dressed.

With this in mind, I am aware of bad fashion choices of others and my own. I have been losing weight and have been ecstatic about it. I just got work clothes in August/September because I worked in scrubs before so things like pants had to be bought. Even then I was down from my heaviest, but now my pants and shirts are pretty big on me. It leaves me conflicted because I love seeing that these things are too big on me which is a nice change from utilizing any speck of elastic or spandex in the fabric, but WNTW has taught me wisely that swimming in your clothes is not flattering.

Still, I hesitated. I want to lose more weight and buying clothes in between would be a waste of money. I reconsidered this briefly when stopping at the store and had to rescue my pants from sliding down my hip. On Friday, I wore the same pair of pants (they weren't dirty or smelly) when I drove from Houston to Austin to go to my adorable godson's birthday party.  I arrived at my cousin's house and my mom and my sister both declared my pants too baggy (awesome compliment in this instance).

On Saturday, we went to the outlet mall in Round Rock and popped into Lane Bryant. I decided to try on pants. I went a size smaller than the pants I had gotten for my job interview last July (a size smaller than I had been previously) and Mom talked me into the next size down as well to take into the dressing room. I also saw a dress that I absolutely loved, but there were only four dresses on the rack- one two sizes bigger than the last dress I had bought there, one four sizes smaller, and one three sizes smaller. I took the three sizes smaller as it was  the same size as the smaller pant size I was trying.  I tried on the one size smaller; they fit and were still a little loose. I tried on the two sizes smaller and they fit- snugly, but I could breathe and move with everything appropriately buttoned and zipped. I danced out of the dressing room to show Mom and Tori.  Then I tried on the dress. It fit tight across my chest (the ladies are on the large side), but it fit! It is the smallest dress I've bought in probably five years if not longer!  I have absolutely no place to wear it at the moment, but it looks really pretty hanging in my closet.

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