Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm a brat. In the past when people in my life have gone on an healthy trend, my reaction has been to dig my heels into the sofa and pull up a gallon of ice cream.  In other words, I threw an overeating hissy fit. It did nothing  to diminish their efforts, but for whatever reason their efforts made me decide to self-sabotage.

To diminish the glare of my brattiness, I've had obnoxious people lecturing me about their healthy habits. Most of the time in some tiny piece of my pouting brain, I recognize that the person has good intentions or is concerned about my health, well-being. At the time though, I heard "you are a fat slob and should be taking advice from me because I am amazing and thin (even if they weren't) and so healthy."

I may have a little problem with being defensive.

Bearing that in mind, I've tried to be low key with the healthier lifestyle. Knowing how easily I slide into rebellion, I want to not be obnoxious to others. I want to lose weight and be able to run without dying.  Those are my main goals.  So far, they've worked.  The scale has declined another couple of pounds and I've been able to increase the run time in my run/walk/crawl.  I focused mostly on exercise in my attempt to be healthier, but have been adding in the diet stuff in a very low key, not restrictive way. Remember the brat? She gets UGLY if you take away her chocolate. My diet plan has been adding stuff actually.  More veggies and more fruit. I've also been doing some switches.  Chips and dip changed to veggies and dip (reduced calorie salad dressing).  This weekend  Ben and Jerry's ice cream changed to Ben and Jerry's FroYo.

I started this blog for two reasons. One was to try to keep myself writing. I would love to write for a living but  get easily distracted so I have committed to writing in the blog at least once a week in order to keep myself accountable, which is the other reason for the blog. I'm trying to keep myself accountable without being obnoxious.  I'm posting my run/walk/crawls and am letting several people I know know that I'm planning on running a  5K in the hopes that I will not back out.

Yesterday/today, I had something pretty cool happen.  I decided to update my profile picture on Facebook and Twitter. I have gotten so many compliments.  One of my best friends told me that she showed people she worked with my picture from a friend's wedding about three years (and at probably my heaviest) and my picture from yesterday and how much weight I had lost. I was so excited and unbelievably flattered.  As I told her, I blushed over the phone.

Like, I've mentioned before I had no idea how much I liked genuine support before I started this. Alsot, I'm starting to like the results of the exercise.  That crazy #2011pushupchallenge had me checking my own arms out as I drove home today (also, I'm way into checking out the arms of others).  I've been able to do more without getting as tired as I used to.  I know the better reason is that I'm healthier than I used to be, but still riding high on the compliments, I like the way I look more. I have more goals to meet for my physical well-being and I think meeting them will help my emotional/mental well being as well.

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