Monday, February 28, 2011

Tater Goal

I might have a goal. That is a goal that is more specific rather than do stuff that's good for you and move your butt.

I found a run ( ) and I think I'm going to try to run it.  The run does not happen until the end of April which gives me 2 months ish to prepare. I love an excuse to go to Fredericksburg. Plus, it's a wildflower run, it'll be pretty.

I've been running since February. Running is a loose term.  Trying to run would be more accurate. I walk, I run for a count of 60-70 seconds, walk until I recover, repeat and then walk at the end.  I'm up to five minutes of running. Today, I tried to up and on one run minute I counted to 90; I won't give myself any extra credit though because the next "minute" went by very quickly.

My next step is to try to consistently run for a count of 90 seconds.  Once I do that without collapsing, I plan on upping it until I run more than I walk. Then I need to make sure I can actually go the distance (dramatic running reference). I have my steps in mind so now I have to see if I can make them.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this, but this may help kick-start what I hope will be a long lasting habit.

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