Monday, February 14, 2011

Go, Tater, Go!

I cannot believe I do not have "Eye of the Tiger" on my IPOD.

I've discovered something about myself this past couple of weeks.  I want inspiration, support, and positive feedback. Not phony crap, but genuine support. I only found this out because I've received it.

I consider myself supremely lucky to have found this support. Annie and Becca and their crazy #2011pushupchallenge has really kept me motivated. Even through posting my embarrassing and very much before arm picture, I felt inspired to keep going and keep pushing out the,um, push-ups. Since, I've joined the challenge if I've done nothing else physical on the odd days (#teamodd), I've done the push-ups.

I have also started posting just to track my workouts and I decided to get brave and post them. They are not brilliant postings which showcase my lightning fast speeds, but they show my attempt. I love how many people have liked these posting! Selena, Amanda, Katy, the Godfather, Aunt Jan! I appreciate the support. Missy commiserating on needing to ditch a tentative workout plan. Selena and LeRae have also been great with our mini Facebook discussions about motivation and just staying active.

Amanda encouraged me this weekend to keep up my baby steps towards my running goal and attempted to download songs for me for my IPOD (technical issues and a flurry of packing for Amanda who's moving into her house next month prevented it). My mom noticed I had lost weight before I headed back to Houston and my lovely coworkers and patients have been complimenting me! I'm not trying to be a whiny girl, but I am not used to that, but love it! The compliments have nothing to do with my weight (ranges from hair (a lot for hair actually), clothes, skin, eyes), but I feel better and more confident and I know this comes from the wonderful people I have supporting me not only in this particular way, but in life.

Tater kisses to my loves!


  1. Yay!!!! Who'd have thought one of my random ideas would take off. lol Great job!!

  2. I love this post! And I'm so proud of you for keeping up :) Same with me, if I do nothing else, I do the push ups!