Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tater Rolls

I was hoping for this, but never thought it would happen. Ironically, I spend my day telling people how great it is and how much it helps.  But for me, never saw it actually

Exercise feels good. A good couch potato would never admit to such a thing, right? Yet, I left work with a slight headache (I did pop a couple Tylenol for that) and a little tense and now 1.6 miles ran/walked/crawled, my remaining sets of push-ups, a plank pose, and a few stretches and I feel better. More relaxed even. How did this happen?  Chocolate and TV and blobbing out on the couch (or bed since I'm currently couch-less) are supposed to make me feel better. This exercise thing may have its good points.

The endorphins can stay.

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