Saturday, February 19, 2011

Changing habits from when Tater was a tot

I love TV. Love. LOVE.

I hear or read about people saying how they just do not have enough time for TV. Or that there's nothing good on TV.  Have you never watched Criminal Minds or Burn Notice? They are amazing.

Admittedly, I am behind on my current TV shows.  I live in a hotel at the moment and sadly, not only am I limited to about 25 channels, but I also have no DVR. I'll catch up from time to time online or when I go back to CC where my DVR still records things like a champ.

That aside I still watch a lot of TV. I catch a few current shows and lately, I've been addicted to West Wing which I've been watching on DVD thanks to my sister who has spurred my addiction.

In addition to my love of TV I also like to read, write, and play on the Internets. Oh wait,  I also love sports (ahem, watching them that is). In other words, I love to sit on my ass.  This is where the couch tater-ness comes into play.

A true and committed addict, I am not giving up my lovely TV and other activities. I'm changing positions (that's what she said). Not all the time, but I'm trying to keep moving during part of my TV time.  Granted at the moment I'm sitting on my bed watching a movie.

However, I've been fairly successful  for the past few weeks at doing something while watching TV. I'll do my push-ups (#2011pushupchallenge) every other day. I do some yoga poses and planks. Some nights I work my muscles harder than others, but I do a little something.  Likewise, I feel stronger some days. I'm excited to be able to tell  a difference in my strength and endurance.  I can hold side planks and front planks for 60 seconds fairly easily, but still feel challenged.  My yoga poses have gotten better and more steady which may mean ::gasp:: an improvement in balance. I do what I can for strengthening, balance, and flexibility all in front of the TV.

I'm venturing outdoors as well a little more often also.  I'm also up to 6 minutes or running when I'm doing my walk/run/crawl.  Not that those 6 minutes are consecutive, but I'm recovering more quickly (i.e. less crawl time) and needing less time to rest before I start my running minute again.

As frustrating as it can be to notice minimal changes to my BMI, I did see the scale move a good 4-6lbs this last week and have noticed clothes fitting a bit looser. Also, I'm feeling muscles in my stomach; I knew they were in there somewhere! I have a long way to go, but I feel like I have at least found the path to start.

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