Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tater Control

Like many people, numbers ending in fives and zeros seem significant. With that in mind, I passed a new milestone.  I'm now in a lower bracket weight wise!  I know the anonymity of the internets should protect me but some people I know in real life may read this as well so I'm not posting the actual weight, but yays!

I'm apparently really into challenges now.  I signed up for another one.  In addition to the push up challenge, I started the lunge challenge which is 300 lunges every week.  I started out the gate gung ho on that one.  Apart from demonstrating a lunge or two to patients, I have not done a lunge on purpose in longer than I can remember. Monday I decided to do 50. Ouch. Not bad at all that night, but the next day I was definitely feeling the burn.  Since then I've been 10'ing and 20'ing my way to 300. I'm up to 110 (I think; in this path to self-discovery, I realize I suck at counting) and I may not make it this week, but I will next week for sure.  The push-ups get done for sure. It may be 1158, but they get done.  55 today (22 down; 33 to go).

I took a leap of faith in September and took a job in Houston about 4 hours away from my hometown. It was the right decision in so many ways.  I love the city. I LOVE my job. I was absolutely miserable doing home health and hated my job to the point I hated physical therapy. It had nothing to do with my bosses or the company. It was the situation- the endless driving, the sitting in parking lots calling people, the knocking on the doors of empty houses that were SUPPOSED to have homebound people in them.  The new job was a good call. In other ways, it's been rough.  I've been living in an extended stay hotel with my cats and paying the bills on my house in CC which I am trying desperately to sell. On a weekend back in CC, I woke up via a phone call from my stepmom that she thought my dad had had a stroke and was on his way to the hospital.  The next day we made the decision to donate his organs.  Getting through the holidays was rough and being in Houston alone was rough as well. More nights (and days) than I care to think of I would cry a lot, big snot tears.

In a strange way, these challenges have helped me.  I miss my dad so much and cannot do anything to change that.  My house has not sold yet and as much as it frustrates me, I cannot force someone to buy my house.  What I can do is get on my hands and knees and do push-ups. I can run/walk/crawl. I can cuss a lot while I hold a plank. I've been fat since I was a kid and it'll take a while for that to change, but this is something I can actually decide to do and control the outcome.  This morning I missed my run/walk/crawl because I hit snooze too many times; I rode the recumbant bike for 10 minutes instead.  Not nearly the same workout, but something. None of  this helps my other problems; my dad is still gone, my house is still for sale, but completing push-ups or lunges or whatever is something I am able to control whether I do or not.  

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